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JUST IMAGINE becoming the way you used to be as a very young child, before you understood the meaning of any word, before opinions took over your mind. The real you is just like a flower, just like the wind, just like the ocean, just like the sun and just ... 


Why sell your property through Just Imagine Properties?
When selling your property, you would most likely undertake the largest financial transaction of your life. Without Just Imagine Properties the sale of your property would be intimidating, and challenging.

Just Imagine Properties would make the journey of selling your house a joyful experience through:

Accurate market valuations.

Application of years of industry knowledge.

Sound ethical and business values.

Area focused and skilled Property Professionals.

Selection of professional partnered service providers.


No matter what kind of property you own, you can increase your earnings and decrease your levels of stress by appointing Just Imagine Properties as your rental agent. Just Imagine Property Rentals base their successful operation on the following corner stones:

Financial screening of all applicants.

Sound and detailed contractual processes.

Regular inspection of the rented premises. (Including, but not limited to in and out inspections).

Focused marketing of rental properties.

Comprehensive management of monthly income and property expenses.


Why use Just Imagine Properties to auction your property?

At Just Imagine Properties we strive to offer our clients a material alternative to selling and buying property in the traditional marketplace.

We believe that we can do this successfully by offering Auctions that are – professional, transparent and ethical.

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Dream Team

A Dictionary would define the welfare of others as – “the health, happiness and fortunes of a person or group” and a dream as a “cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal”

The Dream Team’s vision is to help those in need to achieve their aspirations and ambitions by contributing to their health and happiness.

The Dream Team has assisted various groups, communities and individuals in the past. A valentine’s tea for a retirement village, a fun day for kids in a children’s home and food parcels for the local community were some of the events organized by the Dream Team.


Excellent and very professional service, with specific attention to every small detail! Read More

Johan Steytler

Buyer Testimonial

Great service and nothing is ever too much effort! Read More

Vaughan Crerar



Through diverse videos Just Imagine Properties opens up its soul to the public.
Property Listing Videos showcases Properties by bringing Listings to Life and conveying Location, Size and Amenities. With these videos we aim to leave the prospective buyer with a lasting impression and to drive enquiries.

Community Involvement Videos edifies Just Imagine Properties Involvement in the Community steered by the Just Imagine Dream Team.

Agent Profile Videos reflects on Just Imagine Properties being Trustworthy, Communicative and Professional.

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Mansion In Montana Auction!

02 September 19

Mansion in Montana Park Pretoria with beautiful views overlooking Pretoria.

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